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APHLIS (African Postharvest Losses Information System) is a network of cereal grain experts in East and Southern Africa, backed up by a database and postharvest loss calculator, that together facilitate the estimation of annual postharvest losses for the cereal grains of the countries of East and Southern Africa, by province. To reflect the current high profile of postharvest loss reduction as a means of improving food availability in developing countries, the European Commission is investing in further development of APHLIS. The project was initiated and financed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (MARS Unit). The third phase of the project started in January 2012. The project is led by the Natural Resources Institute (NRI) and will be delivered in association with the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE). At regional level it has received the endorsement of FARA (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa) whose eRAILS agricultural information system offers exciting potential synergies with APHLIS, both through its webpage facility and its shared database.


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