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Downloadable calculator

The APHLIS calculator can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. This allows users to -

  • Substitute their preferred values in place of the APHLIS defaults, in this way loss estimates can be customised for specific locations or geographical scale (not just region, country or province)
  • Estimate the production of a particular cereal if the quantities entered into storage are known (it does this by back calculation which adds back the losses expected prior to storage).
  • Save the results of several calculations in a section at the end of the spreadsheet that will then display a weighted average loss. In this way PHL values can be built up to give a total loss for a crop, or range of crops, across seasons, years or diverse geographical units.

Details about the use of the downloadable calculator are presented in the ‘Understanding APHLIS’ manual (Section 10) and suggestions of how the calculator can be used in losses assessment studies of the APHLIS loss assessment manual (Part 3).

Loss calculator Version 2.7 (xls file format - Excel 97)

Loss calculator Version 2.7 (xlsx file format - Excel 2010)